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"So professional.  So accommodating.  So kind and considerate to everyone on my staff.  I can’t say enough at how their level of professionalism and consideration really blew the other shows on my season out of the water! It was a beautiful calm delicious performance filled with tight harmonies and plenty of musicality.  YES! YES! YES!"
-Kirt Bateman: Executive Director, Davis Arts Council. Layton, Utah.

“Amazing time that spoke to my soul. This kind of performance has no words to go with it. My wife said tonight was one of her most favorite nights — ever.”
-Durand & Dori, Tacoma, WA

“This particular evening with the Nelsons was emotional for all who attended, had me in tears (in the best way) and reminded me of the importance of taking chances, going after your true calling in life and giving back to the causes that touch your heart. [They’re] such positive role models for how we should conduct our lives and care for others.”
-Kathryn Coffman, of

“I can’t thank you all enough for tonight. You were all incredible. Thank you for being an inspiration to my students.”
-Erin McShane, James Logan High School (San Jose, CA)

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